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Meet Pastor Earl


Earl Wise is a man who has allowed Jesus Christ to come into his life and transform his heart, mind and soul to the things of God. God has kept his hand on Earl’s life right from the start when he was given up for adoption at birth to a family who “raised” him in church.  Although, Earl grew up in church he didn’t GROW spiritually in church. In his teenage years Earl allowed negative peer pressure and a bad circle of friends to take him from a road of positivity and promise to alcohol and drug abuse, and sinful immoral behavior.

In 1999, Earl met a young lady by the name of Shandale who helped transform his life and helped him return to church. Earl started to live a lukewarm life for Christ and again made mistakes that almost cost him his marriage and his spiritual life. One day in early 2007, Earl clearly heard the voice of God in his car. It was in that moment he rededicated his life and asked for a new direction.  All of the foundational truths that Earl was raised by were activated by the Spirit of God. Earl and his wife, Shandale, began to get involved and work with the college age group at their local church beginning to lead small groups and bible studies.

In 2008 Earl’s 17 year old brother-in-law suddenly died of a heart condition that was undetected since birth.  It was at that funeral that God called Earl to youth ministry. Earl watched a few hundred young people surrender their lives to Christ. It was at that moment that the Holy Spirit began to give Earl a passion to see lives transformed for Christ. God opened the door for Earl to serve as a youth pastor in Reading, Pa for almost 3 years. During his tenure the youth ministry stretched across the region with spirit filled worship, preaching and prayer.

Since 2013, Earl and his wife, Shandale, have been coaching couples on living a God first marriage. They have done numerous bible studies, small groups and weekend conferences. Their passion and transparency coupled with the preaching and teaching of God’s word makes for an explosive experience when they minister as a couple. 

God has given Earl a unique voice and style filled with humor, transparency and real life practical application that allows the saved and un-saved to understand the word of God.  God has restored Earl’s life by allowing him to meet his biological parents and siblings, heal bad relationships, and strengthen his family.  It is because of God’s abundant grace that Earl devotes his life to live by and preach the word of God to all audiences, regardless of age, race, denomination or socioeconomic status.

In September of 2016 Earl and his wife started a new ministry called The REAL CHURCH. The focus is to be a non-denominational church that truly focuses on REAL Faith, REAL Worship, REAL People. Be REAL with yourself and watch what God will do in your life. Earl and Shandale are called to help people grow in a church setting without legalism, judging without compromising the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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